Literature Review Tips You Should Know

Writing literature review, you probably want to know more about it if it is your first time working on such an assignment. Aside from knowledge on the three types evaluative, instrumental and exploratory, you may want some tips to help you in the process. Check out this post and learn cool literature review tips.

literature review tips

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What’s a Review of Literature?

Think of it as an overview of a major source or writing about a specific topic. The sources used and covered may include books, articles, and government reports, as well as websites and research papers. It gives the readers an overview of evaluation of the sources being highlighted. The review may also be a distinct section in a dissertation or graduate thesis. You write a review of literature for a dissertation because you want to give your readers a written account of the particular state of the study or research made on the topic. You also write it to illustrate the relationship of each source to the other sources you have chosen.

What to Include in the Review

When writing a review of literature, make sure to include:

  • Subject overview
  • Source categorization; these sources support or oppose your position on the topic, or they can also be presenting different arguments.

help with writing literature review

Writing Literature Review

When it comes to writing literature reviews you need to do the following steps in order to create a great lit review:

  • Define your subject and your review’s scope.
  • Look for your materials in the library catalog. You can also find them in search tools and databases relevant to your topic.
  • Read and then evaluate your sources so that you can determine their appropriateness to help you understand your topic better.
  • Analyze, interpret and then talk about your finding and conclusions of those sources you have chosen.

Writing literature review, you might want to start early so that you will have time to draft, review and edit your paper. Working on it early can also give you enough time in examining your sources, checking a sample of literature review and making a thorough analysis of them. Finally, you will have more time in editing for grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes as well as flow and structure of your paper.

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