Dissertation Literature Review Services: Tips on Writing, Examples, Professional Help

Are you wondering why you should need dissertation literature review services help from professionals? The literature review is a crucial aspect of a dissertation that takes about 25% of the entire project work. A literature review is an indelible part of a student’s academic work whether as an undergraduate or postgraduate student. As a project work, the literature review conducted under the supervision of our literature review writers is pivotal to the success of the entire research work and helps bring clarity, proof, and authentication of the entire research work.


What Is Review of Literature for a Dissertation or a Literature Review?

A review of literature for a dissertation or literature review is usually the second chapter of an academic research project that gives a review, summary, and explanation on the currently available body of knowledge on a given research problem. The researcher picks a central theme for the research project with dependent and independent variables and tries to find the link between both variables.

The literature review involves a precursory look at academic journals and books relating to the research project to identify different schools of thought on the research problem, divides them into different themes and tries to set a framework. It might be so depending to require dissertation literature review help from professionals.

Structure of Literature Review for Dissertation

What your professor expects to see is a flawless literature review. And achieving one requires tact and building it on a solid structure to make meaning and drive the entire research process. Here is exactly what you need for a good structure of literature review for dissertation:


It is always advisable to start from the known to the unknown and doing an introduction helps you bring your readers into the focus of the research as well as the relevance of the subject. The introduction helps provide a historical background in the study. The introduction of the literature review can also raise key questions to form the basis of the discourse as it proceeds. It can as well identify controversies within the research study as well as assumptions valid and invalid for discussion later on in the body of the review.


The entire literature review can be broken down into central themes or issues related to the research problems. Each of these themes could, therefore, be divided and identified through the use of subheadings. So, a look into the body of existing knowledge could, therefore, be achieved, summary, the evaluation of trends, findings, points of convergence and divergence. The literature review is usually used by the researcher as a precursor to the researcher’s argument to justify the research problem.


The conclusion allows the researcher to do a summary of all available evidence used and what makes them significant. It can also identify the implications and future possibilities of the point of view of the authors in the course of the research. You can see the dissertation lit review examples on our site.

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Quick Steps on How to Write a Literature Review for a Dissertation

Here are some superb details on how to write a literature review for a dissertation:

  • dissertation lit review examplesIdentify and gather relevant materials. It is assumed you have discussed extensively with your professor or others with more experience in your field of study before picking a research topic. Therefore, you need to put together a pool of relevant materials from the library, online, etc. for your thesis lit review. Such materials should be textbooks, journals, reference materials, etc. that can help create a point of view and themes on the research problem.
  • Outline central themes and subheadings. Create an outline or a focus for your research topic and then it becomes easier to pick relevant papers. Remember to check references on relevant books or journals as they can give you more suggestions for materials. Search online for keywords relating to the research problems and you would get a suggestion of books and journals related to the topic. Consider your areas of interest, that of others and areas you intend limiting the research too. You also need to create an outline that would form the subheadings for the literature review at last.
  • Read and organize the works of literature. You need to establish a pattern for the work. Beyond identifying central themes you need to put together trends, influential theories supported and contested findings with similarities. For patterns, check methodologies, testing procedures, subject matters, assumptions, conclusions. Also, look out for conflicting theories, popular theories, as well as identify studies that are contrary to your research problem. You can use filing cards to pattern your findings and the specifics heading you intend to use.
  • Write the Literature Review. No, it is time to get to work writing the literature review. Make sure to follow the plan or outline you have created from the onset but feel free enough to adjust as you deem fit. Ensure each idea and subheadings link or flow chronologically. Divide into themes, sections, and subheadings and consider how they respond to the research questions. Remember to make use of the appropriate citation for the literature review; most disciplines have citation styles. Some institutions make use of the American Psychological Association (APA) style of referencing both in-text and end of a chapter.
  • Revision, editing, and proofreading. Read through the entire work for spelling and grammatical errors. Also, it is advisable to read your literature review out loud to help check the flow of the content for punctuation mark locations, grammatical errors and unclear statements or sentences. Get professional help to look at your work and spot whatever you might have missed.

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Tips for Writing a Winning Literature Review: Help to Write My Literature Review

  • Go through the entire literature review to see that you have covered all relevant themes and topics.
  • Make sure your references and citations are from materials are about 5 years from the date of publication so they remain recent and relevant.
  • Use discipline appropriate style of reference. To get confirmation to ask others or your professor for guidance.
  • Avoid plagiarism by citing or quoting all used sources.
  • For a research work and the literature review, you need to use an academic style of writing not description or narrative style.
  • It is always better to do an overview of the entire chapter at the beginning of the literature review to help for a quick understanding of the chapter.
  • If at any point you start feeling overwhelmed then you need to take a break to exhale maybe for some days and then come back to the work. Even the best of writers get their heads clogged too and need to take a break sometimes.
  • Learn to start quite early to avoid last minute rush.
  • To write like a professional first place more focus on structure, then on the content and finally on your style.
  • Understand that the journey between where you are at the beginning and the final draft will take at least 2 to maybe 5 drafts depending on how fast you catch up.
  • Make sure to add up some few pages daily.
  • You must have a scope to cover when developing content for your literature review.
  • Get help from a professional or another person to take a look at your literature review. Many got help to write my literature review from professionals, you too can.
  • Depending on your institution and some other factors the literature review should be about 2,000-2,500 words for undergraduate research work, 2,500-3,500 words for Masters and 8,000-10,000 words for doctoral thesis’ literature review.

Challenges with Writing a Literature Review: Why Literature Review Writing Service?


Sincerely writing a research work is not one of those fun or interesting things in the world and for most students, it could be a frustrating, confusing and herculean task. That’s the more reason to seek guidance and professional literature review service to help.


Not knowing what to do and how to select from the millions of available materials online create a major frustration for most research students. Also, the frustration on how to organize the entire material and then create a chronological order into meaningful subheading is another challenge for a lot of students.

Complex and hectic

What makes a literature review hectic or complex is not just in the amount of information that goes into it but deciding what to keep and how to present them. Sometimes, writing the literature review could become boring prompting the need to seek professional help from the right set of research writers.

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