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Thesis literature review involves putting together meaningful resources from reliable, well-documented sources with expertise on a particular research problem. When First for the best literature review, to do an excellent thesis involves having a well-narrowed research problem and then building useful and relevant content to make an argument. It also involves a provision on the basis for studying the problem, providing a basis for eliciting responses on the problem, aggregating the findings and then providing relevant and valid conclusions beneficial to both the academic and general society at last. The only way to achieve this onerous task successfully is using the thesis literature review as a framework to build for the future. Hence, I always get help do my thesis literature review. So, what is a literature review?


Understanding What Is a Literature Review before Writing Literature Review for Thesis

A literate review is usually an academic exercise that helps to demonstrate current knowledge with substantive findings of a given research problem. Most times, a literature review is required as part of the condition for graduating from a graduate or postgraduate course. It involves both theoretical and methodological approaches for finding answers to a given research problem. To get involved in writing literature review for thesis you need to have a clear understanding of what other authors have done in the recent past relating to the research problem they make up secondary sources of information on the research topic.

The literature review provides a basis for the conducting of new or fresh research into similar research problem to help increase and update the body of knowledge on the subject matter. Thus the literature review tries to aggregate, argue for or against a particular phenomenon, provide a theoretical basis, for the acceptance or rejection of a given research problem.

It helps set the framework for understanding all that has transpired with regards the research problem and then present case studies and other studies that have been conducted in the past by other authors but relate to the research problem and helps to give a prediction of likely outcomes and expectations. And that’s the more reason to understand how to write thesis literature review or seek professional help early.

Six-Key Purpose of Literature Review in a Thesis with Thesis Literature Review Example

A literature review is vital for so many reasons. They include:

  • thesis literature review exampleIt contains high-quality studies, research materials, journals, and academic books with relevance to the research topic and problem.
  • It provides an evaluation, summary, and comparison of discussions in a particular research problem or topic.
  • It helps to identify existing knowledge and findings on the research problem to guide further researchers on areas of improvement.
  • It provides a basis to identify contradictions, inconsistencies, and gaps in existing works of literature on the research problem.
  • Literature reviews give access to constructive analysis of approaches and methodologies adopted by other researchers in the course of studying a research problem.
  • It provides a constructive analysis of the methodologies and approaches of other researchers. See website for Thesis literature review example

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about What Is Literature Review in Thesis

What is literature review in thesis importance in a dissertation?

No research study is complete without a literature review. And here is why it is important:

  • A literature review helps for the analysis, critic, and evaluation of the already existing body of knowledge on an existing research problem.
  • It helps to investigate and bring out existing gaps in the body of knowledge so that further researchers can take up the challenge to fill in the void.
  • It helps in organizing existing knowledge into a relevant body of evidence in a particular research topic and a problem for better understanding and appreciation.
  • In organizing existing knowledge, the researcher’s organizational skill shows and can be better advanced through research. Literature reviews help you understand how to break down into departments or subheadings for a better and easy to understand research work.
  • It helps bring out the limitations in a theory and points of view so better recommendations could be made for societal advantage.
  • It helps the researcher display an in-depth knowledge of the problem as well as to show the researcher understands how to use research in identifying problems, analyzing them and proffering solutions.

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What are the types of dissertation lit review available?

There are several classifications of the types of dissertation lit review. Some of them include:

  • Argumentative review. It is the process towards making a supportive or opposing argument about a given phenomenon understudy. It looks at an assumption, philosophical problem etc. with aim the aim to make a generalization or conclusion for or against but with evidence to support claims.
  • Methodological review. This is a type of review that pays more attention to the approaches used in reaching an earlier conclusion not necessarily about who said it. Such reviews make use of substantive evidence, theories, research approaches, techniques and other bases for reaching a valid argument or conclusions. E.g. ontological, epistemological studies, sampling, quantitative and qualitative studies, interview, data collection and analysis all focus on the use of the methodology for reaching conclusions.
  • Integrated review. It looks at existing frameworks, literature synthesis in line with more recent perspectives to come up with newer frameworks for replication and clarity purpose.
  • Historical review. It involves the study of specific periods in time, theories, concepts and more, their emergence, evolution, and impact on the body of knowledge or subject under study. It helps to bring research into historical processes to help identify likely directions for future occurrences.
  • Systematic reviews. It involves using set standards and methods to identify and do an appraisal of a research problem, gather evidence, field analysis from already existing pieces of evidence. It studies cause and effects mostly.
  • Theoretical review. It looks at existing phenomenon or theories in terms of their interrelationships, the degree of convergence and divergence to help postulate newer theories and phenomenon.

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How much place does literature review take in a thesis?

A literature review can take as much as 10 to 30 pages depending on the nature or type of review. It could be an undergraduate, postgraduate, peer-review, journal, etc.

Where can I find good sources of material for my literature review?

I dare say anywhere useful, verifiable and accredited secondary sources of information are available can become a useful means for getting material for your literature review. They include:

  • Library: institutional, public or private library
  • Journals: academic journals with relevance to your field
  • Newspapers and magazines: specific editions of newspapers and magazines could publish a column, news, articles, etc. with relevance to your research topic. Also, professional magazines could also discuss extensively your topic.
  • Conference materials: specific conference papers could usually provide an in-depth look into your research problem and provide verifiable and reliable information for your study.
  • Electronic sources: the internet is replete with the useful and relevant material, e-books, e-journals, conference materials, blogs, professional body website, government agencies and other specialized sources of information, case studies and research relating to your topic. Google search can also help you identify useful materials.
  • Join discussion boards: on the internet, there are so many academic discussion boards that you can get useful information with regards to your research problems. Even you academic institution might have forum or discussion groups where current or alumni can help guide you on what to do.

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How do I organize my literature review?
  • Systematically pick a research topic, narrow it down and ensure there are enough materials to make the topic rich.
  • Create an outline of how you want the research to follow.
  • Source for materials and just skim through to help decide which ones are relevant.
  • Compartmentalize materials into themes, areas of interest and subheadings.
  • Read through and select the relevant or most valuable to your argument.
  • Take notes as you skim.
  • Take note of major trends and patterns to aid your discussions with proper referencing.
  • Write the first draft using the key headings.
  • Write in a research and academic style, not essay or prose style.
  • Make sure your work has a tone and professional in nature.
  • I seek professional help when it’s time to write my literature review, you too can get help.
What reference style should I adopt for my literature review?

You need to check with your discipline, faculty or institution but generally, the MLA and APA referencing style are commonly used for most academic research work.

Where can I get help with advice and writing my literature review?

Seeking professional help with your research might just turn out to be the best decision you would take with your thesis literature review. but you need to be careful because the internet is replete with fraudsters and writers with poor background or experience. Some writer goes as far as copying other content on the internet and using online rephrasing tool to try to make them unique. You would end up in a disastrous situation. So, the best line of action is to seek professional help from a reputable thesis literature writing firm like ours with track records and years of verifiable experience.

Experts Tips and Tricks for Creating a Knockout Thesis Lit Review: The Best Literature Review

Here are some tips to help you with the Best literature review:

It takes more than intuition to read and understand an article when writing the literature review. Gather materials and make notes to help you. Use what is known as a ‘synthesis matrix’ to guide you and help organize the volume of information – Western University Library

Try to answer these questions from University of Florida to guide you with literature review:

  • Take a critical look at the research question for the study under review. What do you think the author’s central focus or discovery is?
  • Is there any indication if the research was under the funding of any source that could tilt or influence the findings?
  • What is the research methodology adopted for the study?
  • Using an analysis of the relevant literature under review, the variables under study, samples, results as well as conclusions are there any indications that the research fully deals with the issues under study?
  • What are the additional issues the research raise? Do you think the study covers all the necessary issues or requires further considerations to be complete?
  • What are the areas of conflict in the research study?

Things to do with literature review from the University of Alabama Library:

  • Use a manageable research question, not a broad one.
  • Create relevant keywords and concepts from the research question.
  • Look at your scope of the study and then do a wide search at first then narrow it down to the most relevant.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek help or speak with your professor.

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