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Research literature review provides the basis for the conducting, writing and submission of a research paper is one of the major criteria for graduation from a graduate school. One of the key aspects of the research paper for graduation is the literature review. The development of a well-researched literature review done with the help of expert literature review writers for graduate students is one sure guarantee to a successful graduation. It is a display that the student has a clear understanding of how to research into a given problem and come up with valid solutions.


Thus adding to the body of knowledge and proffering solution to societal benefit. It is one thing, however, to understand what research or a literature review entails. But having a grasp on how to put together a winning literature review can be an entirely different ball game for most graduate students. Writing a lit review for research paper, writing like a Pro where research and literature review is involved most times requires several years of training. An adventure most times that might best be left to the professionals to handle.

Length of a Literature Review: Research Paper Analysis of Literature

The length of a literature review will vary from institution to institution. The same is also true for most disciplines as the peculiarity of the discipline and supervisor sometimes determines how long the research student needs to write to achieve a long enough Research paper analysis of literature review.

  • For Ph.D. thesis, the literature review can span – 8,000-10,000 words
  • Masters’ degree the literature review – 2,000-3,000 words
  • Undergraduate project literature review – 2,000 words

Types of Literature Review

Haven understood what is literature review in research paper, literature reviews vary for different reasons and you need to have a clear understanding of the nature of research to know the appropriate literature review to use.

  • literature review example for research paperMixed method review. There are two popular methods for conducting research known as the quantitative and qualitative methods. Therefore, the mixed method involves the incorporation of both methods for gathering data for studying a phenomenon and subsequent analysis. Hence, the importance of literature review in research and findings answers to societal problems.
  • Narrative review. It deals with the use of conventional methods and an overview of given literature in contrast with the systematic review.
  • Systematic review. It involves a look at a research problem follow certain procedures with traceable and identifiable methods for selections, appraisal, collection and analysis of data used in the course of the study. See site for Literature review example for research paper.
  • Scoping review. Scoping in review deals with a review that focuses on a measurable aspect of the study. It tries to isolate, spot a particular size of the audience and based its study on that aspect alone.
  • Mapping Review. Involves the look at already existing records, identify the existing gaps between what was obtainable and current realities for Critical evaluation. It makes it possible to make a future assessment of the quantitative and qualitative data to determine future occurrences.
  • Rapid Review. It deals with an already existing body of knowledge and the application of systematic methods for reappraising the existing knowledge gap. This research type is mostly used when there is insufficient time or resources fresh research.

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Winning Structure for a Literature Review for a Research Problem

The literature review customarily comes up as the second chapter of any research work. Though there are situations where the topics or subheadings of a literature review could be broken down into all the chapters but conventional it comes as chapter two immediately after the introduction or chapter one. There are some key ingredients or components to help you excel with literature review and the Research problem. So, what are the components or what should a literature review cover? Let’s explore:

You can approach your literature review from one of two perspectives, chronological or thematic procedure. Chronological involves presenting the study on the basis of the date of publication, findings and changes noticed over time. However, the chronological approach is more suitable for historical research methods where one does a comparative analysis of given situations overtime and Summarize sources. Thematic literature review involves group the discussions and study of central themes, theoretical concepts and using the subheading patterns. The thematic approach is more commonly used for the most study. However, to write a good literature review the entire chapter must be broken into three key areas and that’s the introduction, body, and conclusion.


It helps you set the framework for the entire discussions, the points of view to be explored, scope, sequence, etc. The introduction does not need to be so long so one to three pages should be enough depending on whether it is an undergraduate or postgraduate program.

Main Body

Under the main body, you present the line of thought, arguments, opposing views all presented in a structured manner using subheadings or topics covering specific themes. Develop the content along the line of specifics to general.
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It gives you an opportunity to wrap up the entire research, Synthesize research findings, discussions, assumptions and case studies. It helps you state the noticeable patterns, change in patterns or trends over time, gaps and future opportunities and collaboration.

Research Lit Review: Useful Literature Review Tips to Help

Every field or endeavor has its rudiments, guidelines, and tricks for success. For research literature review here are some effective Literature review tips and tricks for creating an excellent lit review:

  • Pick a well-structured literature review. Make sure the research problem is such that it is not too narrow or too broad to make the literature review not easy to manage.
  • It must follow a methodological procedure. Writing a literature review does not try to down do an abridged version of the literature but to analyze the content critically, critique the research methodology.
  • Use current resources. Because it is a more recent study you are conducting it is always advised you make use of more recent reference materials, books, journals, etc. using very old existing study some of them might no longer be the latest information on that research problem.
  • Do in-depth research. Research for literature review should include your findings, assumptions but should be given authoritative backing to make them valid and acceptable.
  • Focus on the research question. Remember that the literature review usually tries to find answers to a research problem. Therefore the researcher must try to provide guidelines and answers to the research questions from within the literature review.

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What to Avoid When Writing a Literature Review & Why Literature Review Writing Service

It’s an established fact that writing a winning literature review takes a lot of expertise, time as well as involves a lot of complexities that requires organization. Therefore, here are some of the don’ts of a good literature review:

  • importance of literature review in researchAvoid the use of prose or freehand writing style. When writing essays, poem and other you have the freedom to write at will introducing your personal opinion without attributions and others. When writing a literature review you must write in an academic style devoid of personal sentiments. All expressed opinions must be backed by facts or authoritative point of view or sources. Hence, it pays to seek literature review writing service help early enough. The literature review should be more objective and not subjective and not based on a biased or personal sentiment.
  • Avoid plagiarism. Under academic writing, plagiarism is a plague and must be avoided. Plagiarism involves the use of another author’s written work without acknowledging the source. When you plagiarized you create an impression that the line of thought belongs to you originally. Under academics copying parts or whole of another author’s work without acknowledging the author or placing the contents in quotation amounts to plagiarism. Another aspect of plagiarism involves the use of unsubstantiated or unjustified claims in the course of writing your literature review. As a researcher or under academics research you must avoid the use of comments or statements without proper reference or accreditation where necessary.
  • Avoid the use of the first and last name for in-text referencing. According to the APA style of referencing it is wrong to cite an author’s first and last name inside a written work in the course of quoting the author. It is better to use the author’s last name and year of publication only with the year of publication in parenthesis.
  • Avoid the use of URL links in-text. Particularly for doctoral students the use of URL in links for comments or statement sometimes occurs erroneously. Instead, place the URL link in the reference section while only place the last name of author and year of publication within the body of the literature review.
  • Not using the definition of concept or background. The use of operational definition is a necessary aspect of writing a research. It helps give direction and understanding to readers about your definitions and understanding of those concepts with regards the research literature. Also, avoid the use of too many definitions as it might create some confusion in the minds of the readers. Help provide useful information and guidance for the readers and other researchers.
  • Avoid writing a literature review without structure. Writing a literature review like a straight prose without structures, subheadings can make for a bad research. To help the readers and other researchers follow your literature review properly it is necessary to break them down into specific topics, subheadings. The use of subheadings will help organize and focus your work appropriately, creating a sequential or chronological pattern for easy reading and comprehension.
  • Avoid verbosity and ambiguity. Some of the tricks employed by research students, particularly doctoral students are the use of filler words and irrelevant content to try and make up for the required number of pages or words. The use of unrelated research studies or content constitutes a misnomer and research students must source for high-quality relevant content for their literature review. Each study must relate to the subheadings and topics been treated otherwise you stand a chance of having poor grades or a rejection of the literature review or entire research work by the professor or committee.
  • Avoid the use of too many quotations. The use of quotation or citing another author’s work is a healthy way of giving credence to that author. It also provides an avenue to justify or defend whatever assertion a researcher makes while writing the literature review. However, totally depending on the use of direct quotation of other author’s work for your literature creates the impression of a lazy researcher. Total dependence on too much direct quotation affects your ability to reason critically, analyze and evaluate different studies and research information for a robust literature review.
  • Do not use non-scholarly materials. For a literature review, it is pertinent to carefully select the materials to use. Depending on personal and professional opinion by other authors is not a valid way of writing a literature review. Rather, researchers should concentrate on the use of valid research papers, academic journals, and reputable research institutions to back their literature review arguments.
  • Avoid total dependence on supportive documents. Some researchers try to avoid citing sources whose research write up does not agree with their point of view. It is a way of narrowing and limiting the researcher’s line of thought and creating a shallow work. But when the researcher brings valid opposing arguments it causes the researcher to weight both arguments and present a valid reason for sticking to one argument against the other for the literature review. citing opposing views within a literature review helps to strike a balance in argument and helps the audience see both sides of the research problem rather than a one-sided argument.

Also, presenting an opposing view makes the researcher go the extra miles to gather facts to substantiate any claims made citing other authoritative sources to back it. The do’s and don’ts on how to write literature review could almost cripple your research process hence we recommend our professional help today.

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