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Can an Example of Literature Review Writing Help You?

example of literature reviewWriting a literature review or research literature review is far from an easy task and is one that is likely to take you many weeks if not months of hard work. It is far more than just doing a little writing, you have to be able to identify and review all of the importantly related literature to your research and evaluate it within your own writing. Your writing will also need to be done in very precise academic English and must be perfectly formatted and totally error free. Achieving the standards expected is very difficult but anything less than perfection will see your work rejected. This is why you may want to look at a sample of literature review writing to get some pointers as to how your own needs to be written. Looking at how another has approached this arduous task can really help you to understand what you need to do.

Basics of Literature Review Composing

  • example of literature reviewCheck your sources. Use more than one form of research (check with online libraries, blogs, Google, and journals). Don’t just stick to one source. Having at least three references is important, more than three is even better. More sources will add more credibility to your work, showing that you have truly looked for and found informed sources that will support your work.
  • Take notes. Make sure that you are documenting all of your sources as you go. You will need to be able to indicate the sources you got the information from when you are writing your paper. Having to look up everything all over again to find out who to quote as the source of each piece of work is time-consuming.
  • Verify, verify, verify. Always check the credibility of each source. Look up their other works, if there are any, and verify their qualifications. Are they objective in their works? Are they persuasive and consistent in their work?
  • Make sure that you are using the right template for the work you are reviewing. The right style and required format of the paper can change from one work to the next. Don’t just assume that the style you are using is the correct one.

Using our experts for getting literature review help, you can find the best direction to go to make your literature review the very best that it can be. We help with finding the right topic and make sure to find updated information on your topic that you may not have found in your own research. With our staff in your corner, you can be sure that your presentation will be perfect. We meet and exceed the required proofreading standards. Your work will have to meet strict guidelines to have a perfect submission. Your literature review is guaranteed to be excellent every time. The attainment of the highest quality of work is our main goal.

How to Use a Sample of Literature Review Writing

Literature review examples can provide you with all of the guidance that you need to understand how your own needs to be put together. It can allow you to see how you need to structure your writing, the areas that you need to cover and also the writing style that should be adopted. It can also provide you with a good template for your own writing. What you should not do however is to just copy it, or to trust any of the references made without carefully checking back to the original sources. Samples are for guidance only and using them would be considered plagiarism and that would get your paper rejected. You can also be sure that there are no samples that are going to reflect your own unique ideas for your research.

How to Write Your Own Literature Review

Using samples is one thing but you still need to understand how to put together your own. The following are some simple tips that you can use when doing your research to help you organize your own literature review writing, or you can use our dissertation literature review services. Remember that the point of your lit review is to clearly show the context within which your original research will be conducted and its importance and value. The following guidance will help you:

  • sample of literature review templateDo your research at a regular time each day and ensure that you actually do it
  • Find many different sources for your research not just “Google”, use your school or university libraries, journals, and other more reliable sources.
  • Keep clear and concise notes of all sources to ensure that you have all details required for your citations and references. It can be very time consuming and hard work to go back and get this information later.
  • Be clear about the authors’ credibility:
  • Make a note of their qualifications and experience, also what else they have published
  • Are they objective or do they have clear biases to their writing
  • What is the value of their work to the field in general and to your research
  • Is their work persuasive or does it have issues that need to be addressed
  • Use the correct literature review template for your writing, check it to your required writing style rather than using it blindly.

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We Can Help with Your Literature Review Writing and Editing

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